Monday, May 16, 2011

The Perfect Crocheted Dishcloth

Crocheted dishcloths are such a personal preference.  For me, they should be quick, easy, portable, and  something I'm going to pick up and actually use.  If it doesn't feel good in my hand and do what it's suppose to, I'm not likely to use it.  So, why make it?  If it's too small, the task of a puddle seems overwhelming.  If it's too large, it weighs me down and won't efficiently do the job.  If the stitches are too small or too tight, the uninviting, stiff cloth is just going to push that puddle around.  If the holes are too big, my fingers will be painting.  I designed what I consider to be my perfect dishcloth.  It just might work for you too.  This lattice dishcloth is hard working and a pleasure to use.  It will push, pull and sop up that puddle.  Does a good job on dishes too.  At the standard 9 inches square, it's just the right size.  Quick to dry, stays fresh longer between laundry days.  Quick and easy to make.  Using less than 2 ounces of worsted weight cotton, you can afford to tuck one of these reusable cloths in your tote, back pack, car, camper, or tackle box.  They come in handy.  (c) 2011 Carol LaVelle.  The pattern is available at in the Shop.