Monday, May 18, 2009

Sugar 'n Cream Yarn vs. Peaches & Crème Yarn

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I'm often asked what the differences are between these two 4-ply worsted weight cottons and if they are made by the same company. Although the two brands come from a very once slightly-crossed-paths history due to a company sale, the brands manufactured today are by two entirely different companies in two different countries. Pisagh Yarn and Dyeing Company in Old Fort, North Carolina, U.S.A. produces Peaches & Creme and Lily Sugar 'n Cream is dyed and packaged in Listowel, Ontario, Canada by Spinrite.

When I need a taupe color, I reach for Lily's Sugar 'n Cream Softly Taupe. You can't beat the rosy light taupe shade for nipples. Yep, that's what I said. Part of my naughty crochet stage. Eh, what can I say...if you can think it, you can crochet it! I had a request. If Granny had known, she would have rapped my knuckles with her hook! Okay, when I need a green pine tree color, I reach for the Sugar 'n Cream Dark Pine. I love the color cornflower and reach for the Sugar 'n Cream Cornflower Blue. That doesn't mean I will use all Sugar 'n Cream in my project. They do not have a pastel pink, so I reach for Peaches & Crème Pastel Pink to go with that Softly Taupe or Baby Pink depending on what shade I need. For a robin blue, you must choose Lily. Need a gray or a light green? You must go to Peaches. You get the idea.

Other than the shade choices, there are some slight differences in the dyeing and packaging. To me, the Peaches & Creme initially has a softer touch "on the ball" than does the Sugar 'n Cream. Sugar 'n Cream is a more tightly wound ball than the Peaches & Creme. But after dampening and blocking, they are both the same. The most consistent dye lot? Sugar 'n Cream wins. The shade you bought a few months ago, generally speaking, is probably going too look pretty much like the one you buy today. Peaches & Creme? No. Their dye lots seem to vary more from a pastel version to wildly deep and everything in between. These days their colors are much deeper than they use to be. Always buy enough yarn at once to complete your project no matter what brand. The chances of your retailer having that same dye lot to match your project should you run out is slim to none. The yarn that "bleeds" the most? It's Sugar 'n Cream, especially the solid shades. Never expect a solid white to stay that way in a project mixed with another darker Lily solid. Ain't gonna happen!

If using a solid dark shade of Sugar 'n Cream, I would try and complete the dark part first and dunk and block. Add your lighter color(s) later and dunk and block again. See if that'll work for ya. The result might be okay. Just gotta get rid of that excess dye. I would always check for color fastness by dunking your test swatch in a glass of cool water before using either brand for your project to bleed out any excess dye.

In conclusion the two yarns can be quite happily interchangeable, and after being blocked, only the stitcher will probably know which is which.

The UPS guy just came with my new Bernat catalog and samples. Wow, 30 new shades of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in the Big 12 and 14 ounce balls! The new Country Colors selection makes this country girl go crazy with new design ideas. Such pretty coordinating colors already. But can you mix them with the other two brands? Absolutely!

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